Optimal congratulates AE Smith on Sydney Town Hall Tri-Generation Project

City of Sydney Council recently awarded AE Smith the tender to provide 1.4 MW of Capstone Cooling Heat and Power (CCHP) for the iconic Town Hall and Town Hall House. This project is part of the councils drive towards reducing Sydney’s greenhouse emissions, which is estimated to reduce the city’s CO2 emissions by 3% for this project alone.

The 1.4 MW of low emission power will be delivered by a total of seven 200 kW Capstone Turbine modules, which are part of the C600 and C800 range of packaged power systems. The additional heat energy produced in the exhaust is then recovered with on-board hot water heat recovery units and absorption chillers, which will provide a significant amount of the buildings heating and cooling needs.

This modular design provides the facility with flexibility and redundancy, providing low carbon power, heating and cooling regardless of the time of the day or season.

A Capstone Trigeneration system can be over 90% energy efficient, enabling significant improvements for energy efficiency for many facilities.

As exclusive Australian distributor for Capstone Microturbines, Optimal are proud to work with AE Smith on this flagship project. To read more detail about AE Smiths overview of the project, click here.