Melbourne’s skyline has a new addition to energy efficient buildings, with a C600, 600kW Capstone Microturbine rising high today above Collins St, in the CBD.

The C600, which is part of the C1000 range, actually comprises three 200kW modular turbines which will provide up to 600kW of low carbon electricity on site, and will also feature three new Capstone integrated heat recovery units. Each of these high efficiency units takes the low emission exhaust and generates up to 300kW of hot water (900kW of hot water combined).

Microturbines Greening Melbourne’s Skyline

Not only can the system reduce their electrical reliance on the grid and produce most of the buildings winter heating needs, the additional absorption chiller uses the Microturbine heat to cool the building in summer.

This marks the third building in Walker Corporations flagship Collins Square project to include Capstone Microturbines as their CCHP (combined cooling, heat and power) solution. The Collins St site is a landmark in building efficiency, not only in Melbourne, but also nationally. The unique design of the Microturbine solves multiple critical challenges facing developers wishing to benefit from onsite energy generation. Many alternative generation systems cannot effectively load follow, or turn down if the buildings much load is lower than the size of the generator, resulting in onsite energy systems that simply cannot run.

Additionally, advanced inverted based power power electronics simplify connection to electrical networks, as it protects the network with protective relays and don’t contribute to network faults.

Capstone Turbines also let Walker’s Collins St neighbours breath easy, as they emit less than 1/10th of the NOx emissions of a clean burning gas engine, as well as free of VOC’s such as formaldehyde thanks to its oil and coolant free design.

Award winning energy efficiency

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