Waste turned into energy for Western Water

Surbiton Park Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project Notes

Site Owner:Western Water

Commission date:2017

System components:3xCR65 with HRM

Cogeneration capacity:195kW Power, 210kW heat

Fuel source:Biogas

System application:Combined heat & power (CHP), Water, Waste to energy

Key outcomes

  • Waste is delivered into energy from on-site biogas 
  • Exceptional load following on biogas 


  • Added LPG blending capability for times of low biogas 
  • Site export of power during peak spot price events 

The Surbiton Park Recycled Water Plant (RWP) treats sewage from Melton and surrounding towns. Sludge from the treatment process is anaerobically digested producing biogas. As part of their 2018 anaerobic digester upgrade, Western Water have upgraded their biogas generator to three C65 Capstone microturbines with heat recovery to hot water. They also can export electricity, primarily during peak price events.