Taking the peak demand out of electricity costs

Hardchrome Engineering

Project Notes

Site Owner:Hardchrome Engineering

Commission date:2013

System components:C200x2 & C65 with HRM

Cogeneration capacity:465 kW Power, 110kW Thermal

Fuel source:Natural Gas

System application:Combined heat & power, CHP, Industrial

Key outcomes

  • Peak looping electricity prices 
  • 10 year fixed price maintenance


  • Enabled greater control of power prices 

The manufacturing industry in Australia has come under increasing pressure in the past few years. In response, leading companies are reviewing their energy supply requirements to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage. Hardchrome Engineering, an industry leader in surface technology and heat treatment have already risen to the challenge. They have done this by installing 465 kW of Capstone microturbines which is an an innovative cogeneration solution that uses jet engine technology to deliver a cleaner, quieter and demand responsive power supply.

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