Remote power on an off-shore platform

Reindeer and Halyard off-shore platforms, North Western Australia

Project Notes

Site Owner:Quadrant Energy

Commission date:2011

System components:Capstone C65 MicroTurbine, Black start, Hazloc enclosure

Cogeneration capacity:65kW

Fuel source:Natural gas

System application:Power only due to Oil & Gas Hazardous Area classification

Key outcomes

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ability to cope with fluctuations in energy needs
  • Able to perform in harsh off-shore conditions


  • Customised stainless steel enclosure to protect microturbine’s air inlet at sea

Australian oil and gas company, Quadrant Energy, use microturbines to power their Reindeer and Halyard platforms off the coast of North-Western Australia.

Servicing the 65kW microturbines requires flying in a crew by helicopter, which is expensive and impacts operations on the platform. Because of this, the low maintainance requirements of Capstone Microturbines are hugely beneficial. They have no oil or water and only need servicing once a year.

Another benefit is the microturbines’ ability to cope with fluctuations in demand. They can deliver a load range from zero kW to their maximum kW, running on raw gas. This is important because the off-shore platforms often run at a very low demand of 10 kW, but then spike up to 60 kW.

During a recent major service, Quandrant Energy noticed that an unacceptable level of salt water and bird feces was collecting around the air inlet and being ingested to the turbine, causing corrosion. Optimal developed a customised stainless-steel enclosure to protect the air inlet. The enclosure prevents the intake of salt water and dirt, without creating a pressure drop to the turbine.