Capstone’s microturbine systems are installed and operating at thousands of sites globally, from oil rigs to office complexes.

So far, Optimal have shipped a total of 401 units and 34 megawatts to Australia – this is across 324 sites. 

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Secure power for a data centre

One of Australia’s oldest mutual companies uses Capstone microturbines to provide secure combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) for it’s…

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Taking the peak demand out of electricity costs

The manufacturing industry in Australia has come under increasing pressure in the past few years. In response, leading companies are…

Case Study

Stand-alone power at sea

Huon Aquaculture was looking for a solution to provide stand-alone power to their salmon fishing pods on the water of…

Case Study

Defence Innovation: deployable microgrid

Optimal, in partnership with XKG, were awarded a contract to develop field deployable microgrid power for the Australian Defence Force….

Case Study

Waste turned into energy for Western Water

The Surbiton Park Recycled Water Plant (RWP) treats sewage from Melton and surrounding towns. Sludge from the treatment process is…

Case Study

City of Sydney setting the low carbon example

The City of Sydney, are taking big steps towards reducing 70% of their carbon emissions by 2030. Currently, 80% of…

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