Low operating costs and carbon for correctional facility

Hopkins Correctional Centre Precinct 

Project Notes

Site Owner:Victorian Department of Justice - Corrections Victoria

Commission date:2014

System components:C65x7 iCHP with HRMs

Cogeneration capacity:445 kW Power and 735 kW heat or 550 kW chill

Fuel source:Natural Gas

System application:Combined Cooling, Heat & Power (CCHP)

Key outcomes

  • Low maintenance 
  • Low noise 


  • Waste heat to data centre climate control – heating, cooling, de-humidification



The expansion of the existing Ararat Prison created an additional 358 medium security male beds in a campus style setting, bringing the total capacity of the prison to 740. Seven C65 natural gas fuelled microturbines produce up to 445 kW of power and 735 kW of heat or up to 550 kW of chilled water.