Defence Innovation: deployable microgrid

On-field with the Australian Defence Force

Project Notes

Site Owner:Australian Defence Force

Commission date:In design

System components:Capstone C65 Microturbine, solar and battery hybrid

Cogeneration capacity:65kW and battery

Fuel source:LPG and solar

System application:Defence specification and deployable microgrid

Key outcomes

  • A secure, field deployable microgrid power system


  • Modular system that can be scaled depending on need
  • Microturbine and battery hybrid allows for silent mode, even when drawing full power
  • In-built redundancies for power security

Optimal, in partnership with XKG, were awarded a contract to develop field deployable microgrid power for the Australian Defence Force. With the Defence Force’s ongoing commitment to operational tasks around the globe, there was a need for a reliable remote energy solution.

Together with XKG, we developed a hybrid system that is based on C65 microturbine power generation technology, and enhanced by renewable solar energy and a battery storage system. The system has plug and play architecture with a sophisticated energy management system.

Its modular design means that the system can be scaled depending on requirements – from small field deployments, right up to large-scale bases. By using the Capstone Microturbine and battery storage hybrid, we provide the Defence Force with the ability to run in silent mode while continuing to draw full power.

To ensure reliability, the system components are dispersed through a base on a ring main system – it means that any one element can be removed without affecting the broader system’s operation. The redundancy or ‘back-ups’ built into the system provide the Defence Force with power security that far exceeds their existing systems.

The result is a deployable microgrid system that is reliable, scalable and efficient, with a low total cost of ownership.