Looking for a secure power solution?

Sometimes, getting power from the grid is not an option. And that’s where a stand alone power generation unit can be a great alternative. Whether for remote isolated sites or critical power, to industrial or commercial applications the Capstone microturbine can deliver cost effective reliable power to the most critical applications.

The modular Capstone design comprising multiple turbines and the single moving part ensures that the customer are guaranteed unparalleled reliability.

Connecting the Capstone turbine with additional battery storage, solar PV or a parallel grid supply allows customers to minimise their cost of energy and seamlessly transfer from grid to stand alone power.

Why choose Capstone?

Capstone has an international reputation for building incredibly well engineered machines that just deliver. Optimal has delivered hundreds of critical power solutions to a range of industries including unmanned offshore oil and gas production facilities, large food and manufacturing facilities, agri businesses data centres, remote mine sites, island resorts – a lot of these projects are where we are the only source of power.

Advantages of using a microturbine as a source of power:

  • Capstone Microturbines only have one single moving part
  • You can use a range of fuel options from gas through to hydrogen
  • You can integrate our microturbines with solar pv, wind and batteries
  • Heat recovery is an option to maximise efficiency
  • Class leading low emissions
  • 80, 000 hour service life
  • Nationwide support