Optimal’s energy solutions are catered to your specific site needs and opportunities. All of our Capstone generators offer clean, more efficient and lower cost electricity which allow seamless integration with sources on the grid, off the grid or renewable. If you have any questions about your potential energy solution, you can contact us on 1300 678 476.


Combined cooling, heat and power

Optimal’s combined power solutions reduce energy costs, lower emissions, and deliver free heating and cooling. By harnessing the waste heat created in power generation, our systems offer combined heat and power (CHP) or combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP). 

Power security

For many industries a full or partial power loss can be costly, even dangerous. To reduce your risk, Optimal offers secure onsite power solutions that can continue providing power independent of the grid. Our secure power products create reliable IT-grade power that is low emission, low maintenance and low cost. Optimal also offer solutions for behind the meter grid augmentation for customers that need more power than the grid can provide. 

Power Generation

Onsite power generation systems have many benefits, including reduced electricity cost, improved power security, and reduced CO2 emissions. No grid, no problem. We can operate with or without the grid. Most systems are fuelled by natural gas, but they can also be powered by other combustible fuels such as bio-gas, land fill gas, hydrogen, LPG and diesel.


Microgrids combine multiple technologies such as wind, solar panels (PV), battery storage and Capstone microturbines. Optimal designed Microgrids deliver independence and maximum renewable utilisation without sacrificing reliability.


Capstone’s leading range of renewable fuel turbines solve the challenges of operating on digester and landfill gases. Our turbines are tolerant to variable gas quality,  are modular in design and deliver higher up times. This increase in availability avoids gas flaring and results in more power generation.