80 Collins St emissions reduced by 30%

We have just completed delivery of two Capstone c200 Microturbines to the flagship 80 Collins St project. 

These turbines will be running the trigeneration model, so they will produce electricity, hot water and the hot water will also be converted to chilled water, giving the building a dramatic improvement in its energy efficiency. 

We are also excited about the advent of green gas soon becoming available in Australia’s natural gas networks. This will provide our customers, with our cogeneration and trigeneration systems, the ability to purchase green gas for these installations and therefore achieve 100% renewable energy from their installed systems.

We think that 90% of our customers will, in time, make the transition to green gas. Doing so provides you with the unprecedented opportunity of making your precinct or building 100% renewable, which is obviously a goal that a lot of corporations are now seeking to achieve. 

Businesses will, however, only be able to achieve this if they will be able to access green gas from the natural gas network. 

Generally it’s not possible to put enough solar on the roof of these facilities, to provide all the customers energy needs, and offsite PPA’s for green energy don’t or can’t always provide all of the customers energy requirements. 

The power provided by our system as it is currently installed will reduce the buildings emissions by 30%. This system will also deliver the customer considerable energy cost reductions in the order of 20%.