Bringing reliable stand-alone power to Ravensthorpe

Optimal Group is delighted to announce that we have been selected by Western Power to provide our PowerPlus Hybrid Remote Power System for the Ravensthorpe municipal wastewater facility.

This exciting project represents the first deployment of Optimal’s cutting edge hybrid PowerPlus technology. PowerPlus is a modular hybrid power system combining Capstone microturbines with supercapacitor batteries in an integrated all-weather enclosure. The system is supplied with integrated solar PV to deliver secure power with maximum renewable energy input.

In order to provide Western Power’s customers with reliable, low-emission power, the PowerPlus components are tailored in size to ensure we maximise the use of renewable power. As a minimum, we aim to provide 75% renewable power.

Incorporating a Capstone microturbine ensures the PowerPlus super capacitors never run out of power. While conventional solar hybrid systems use diesel generators to provide this critical feature, PowerPlus is designed to use natural gas or LPG thereby further minimising carbon emissions, in addition to ultra-low NOx, carbon monoxide and VOC emissions – and no particulates.

The PowerPlus system is to be installed mid-2019 at the critical Ravensthorpe site and will allow Optimal to demonstrate the significant benefits of PowerPlus technology to be compared to conventional diesel/PV hybrid systems.

If you would like to hear more about this project and our energy solutions, you can contact us at or 1300 678 476.

Craig Dugan, CEO Optimal Group Australia


The Optimal PowerPlus

The Optimal PowerPlus as a modular technology has enormous opportunities not only for remote power but also for incorporation into residential and commercial microgrids.

While there are many examples of diesel battery hybrid systems in the market place, the Optimal PowerPlus system is unique as it does not use diesel or contain any potential environmentally contaminating lubricating oils. Optimal is of the view that modern hybrid power systems must maximise their low emission benefits. The use of diesel as a fuel for such systems is simply incompatible with modern electricity generation.

The Optimal PowerPlus system incorporates Capstone microturbines, which in the case of the Western Power project, will run off a bottle LPG supply. Capstone microturbines have diverse fuel capabilities that include a range of fuels. As such the PowerPlus system can readily be designed to use natural gas, LPG, CNG, LNG, biogas and even hydrogen.

Optimal is particularly excited by the growing interest and proven benefits of biogas as a fuel. Incorporating our systems at sites where the customer has biogas available will deliver 100% renewable energy whether it is supplied from the turbine or the solar PV system. This is 100% dispatchable renewable energy.

Capstone also recently launched their hydrogen fuel C65 microturbine which Optimal expects to be able to offer customers as part of the PowerPlus hybrid system in 2020. This provides another pathway for 100% renewable and dispatchable electricity.

If you would like to hear more about the Optimal PowerPlus, visit