Paving the path for a sustainable future

Last month, the World LPG Association brought together leaders in the energy industry to discuss key drivers of the supply and demand of LPG in the Asia-Pacific region.

I had the pleasure of sharing a variety of case studies that showcased how Combined Cooling, Heating and Power systems (CHP) incorporating Capstone microturbines can lead to substantial energy savings.

A particular case highlight studied how Capstone turbine microgrids with solar PV panels and batteries can provide remote island resorts with significantly cheaper and more reliable power than is currently available through diesel generating sets. These case studies show that LPG offers a unique opportunity to revolutionise how we provide low emission power to remote and regional customers in Australia and the South Pacific.

The conference also heard from Vetea VItrac of EDT Engie, a Tahitian energy provider, who presented their plans to transition Tahiti’s power generation from heavy fuel oils to LPG. EDT Engie’s proactive planning is a clear indication of the positive changes that are underway in the market. It’s further proof  that it is imperative for governments, NGOs and aid providers to focus their development funds on cleaner electricity technologies to help the region lower carbon emissions.

It was concluded by all participants, that such effective case studies demonstrate that LPG provisions are highly suited to support renewable energy systems, which are paving the way to achieve our cleaner and cheaper energy goals.

Craig Dugan, CEO Optimal Group Australia

Image: Copyright Powidian