Power security with a dependable solution

There are many organisations that cannot afford to experience a power outage for any length of time. Data centres, healthcare clinics and research facilities stand out as just three examples. Any loss of power here could result in the loss of critical data and other important items.

Power cuts are increasing in frequency.

This isn't to mention the setbacks as the organisations need to resolve power issues and recover any lost information.

Blackouts and power cuts: the dangers of energy loss

As noted above, power cuts are disruptive. Unlike an outage at home, where candles and a book can provide a holdover until the issue is resolved, businesses are at risk of significant loss of revenue and even potential reputation damages if the lights go out.

According to Allianz, many organisations are unprepared for the disruption caused by a blackout. Furthermore, they're also blind to the costs that can result from these outages and the wider impact cuts can have on a business. 

Allianz noted that power cuts are increasing in frequency, with large-scale blackouts a scenario many businesses will have to contend with. Allianz went on to explain that even though organisations will feel like a power cut is beyond the control of the business, it's important to consider the risk to see whether the right controls are in place to mitigate the issue.

What could a power cut mean for an organisation?What could a power cut mean for an organisation?

The California Consumer Energy Center also pointed out that every organisation should have a plan in place in the event of a loss of grid power – not solely for earthquakes and fires. Another US-based organisation, the Department of Homeland Security, explained that a business impact analysis (BIA) can help businesses to predict the fallout of a disruption and put mitigation strategies into effect.

Beyond simply introducing plans to deal with a power cut, there's another consideration available.

Greater power security can be assured using an effective universal power supply (UPS) solution. Ideally, this means a unit from a reputable provider with the experience required to install and manage it effectively after the fact. Once in place, a UPS operates as a reliable backup if there's ever a power outage.

A UPS is one of the best options regardless of industry.

An on-site solution

A UPS is one of the best options regardless of industry, thanks to an ability to consistently supply power in the event of a blackout. The added power security from installing a UPS on site means there's little need to be concerned about what's going on with the grid during a storm.

Optimal Group provides an extremely capable UPS, one that's based on site. The Capstone Secure Power products are some of the most affordable microturbine UPS units available, producing clean IT-grade power. Optimal Group have two Secure Power products on offer: UPSource (designed to run parallel to the grid) and Hybrid UPS (designed to offer dual-conversion power electronics and fuel efficiency).

The noteworthy features :

  • Clean: A UPS from Optimal Group is extremely green, meaning there's no damage to the environmental image of a business.
  • Flexible: These two UPS products can use a number of fuels, increasing reliability. What's more, they use a multiple power modules meaning there's no single point of failure.
  • Reduce energy costs: It's common to think of a UPS as a unit solely for backup purposes, but they can also help organisations to bring down energy costs.

To learn more about microturbine-powered UPS solutions available from Optimal Group, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team today to learn more.