IT: Why it’s time to consider onsite power

There are few industries unable to benefit from greater power security, as having the solutions in place essentially reduces the degree of operational risk.

Of course, organisations in certain sectors should certainly prioritise power security over other endeavours – especially those based in IT in Australia.

A look at the IT sector

In Australia, the IT sector is ripe with possibility. Organisations in this space are well-positioned to grow over the next few years as various sectors start to realise a need for powerful new technology solutions.

According to a Department of Employment report, employment in Australia increased by 7.3 per cent over the five years leading to May 2014, with growth spread across a number of sectors. What's more, it's also set to continue growing, with the Department of Industry finding that employment could increase in 16 of the 19 "broad industry groups".

The report found that computer system design and related services came in seventh place when ranked against projected growth in other sectors. Unsurprisingly, medical services and school education managed to take top spots.

Interestingly, research organisation Gartner explained that, at the government level, IT organisations are challenged by increasing turbulence. In turn, this means they need to services are able to meet evolving needs, while managing costs.

A sector dependant on power

More than most, IT organisations rely on constant power to function effectively. Think about it: a business running servers needs to ensure these machines remain online, as customers would feel the effects. On the other hand, a company that repairs computers and other devices can't afford to lose power, as the ability to troubleshoot would then become impossible.

According to Gartner, IT risk management isn't something organisations can purchase. However, businesses can when it comes to power security. Appropriate power security solutions can form a part of a larger risk management strategy.

Taking power generation onsite

Onsite power generation systems, also known as distributed generation systems, are off-grid solutions that add a layer of much-needed security for IT businesses. The United States Environmental Protection Agency explained that they're extremely useful at providing consistent and high-quality power, and 'filling in the gaps' when grid power goes offline.

With these systems in place, it's easy to see how the aforementioned IT businesses could benefit. The company running servers wouldn't notice if grid power goes offline, as the onsite system would take over. Likewise, the repair company would be able to continue working until grid power is restored.

So where can organisations get started with onsite power? The solution available from Optimal Group is capable of meeting the security requirements of IT businesses, whilst also offering other benefits including:

  • The ability to use multiple fuel types.
  • No indoor floor space.
  • Multiple power modules to avoid single points of failure.
  • Little need for maintenance thanks to inclusion of a single moving part.

Thinking ahead

So, with IT continuing to expand, it's only going to become more important for organisations to have proper power security solutions in place. Failure to do so may not prove an issue now, but any sort of power grid failure could leave the company without energy – a significant problem.

To learn more about new cogeneration systems as well as the most effective ways of realising energy savings at an organisational level, don't hesitate to reach out to Optimal Group today. With IT on a growth path, power security will only become more important for organisations to stay ahead of the competition.