Important terms surrounding co and trigeneration

It's important to understand the terminology surrounding cogeneration or CHP (combined heat & power) technology in order to paint a clearer picture of why microturbines are important.

Capstone microturbines allow more business to take advantage of the benefits of CHP, thanks to their modularity. These benefits include reduced carbon emissions, greater energy security and money savings, but all of these aspects that make CHP technology great must be understood within their own context, in order to see the broader picture.

Understanding the terms surrounding co and trigeneration is important in painting a clearer picture of why CHP technology is important.

CHP (Combined heat and power)

It's a simple fact: Producing energy electricity requires energy, and nearly two-thirds of this energy is wasted heat when it is discharged to the atmosphere, and not captured and repurposed. This is where combined heat and power comes into play.

Essentially with CHP, you get free heating and cooling, which is produced as a by-product of the electricity your microturbine is creating. Capstone microturbines uniquely integrate an aero-based turbine engine, air bearing technology, a magnetic generator and power electronics.

Carbon emissions

So what exactly is a carbon footprint? The Oxford English dictionary states that a carbon footprint is the "amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organisation, or community". Essentially anyone who engages in any kind of activity that generates carbon emissions might want to look at ways to lower these. Whilst pertinent to the conscious consumer, to be seen as a green company is a competitive advantage.

The coming together of ecological issues and economic growth is at the centre of academic studies in this area. An April 12 report put out by Lund University has shown that despite efforts to reduce CO2 emission, globally areas that show the most prosperity are also producing the most CO2.

"We are not saying that it is impossible to separate economic growth from ecological issues; however, our study of global development shows a clear connection between economic development and increased greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be ignored", says researcher Max Koch from Lund University in Sweden.

Therefore, emissions reduction is as important now as it has ever been, and installing on-site power to your business will not only be a green choice, it's a smart one too, as producing electricity only where it is needed results in zero transmission losses.

Energy security

For many industries, particularly in rural areas, energy security is of crucial importance. A few hours loss of power from a thunderstorm may be a novel inconvenience for one business, but if you are running a nursing home or doctors practise that could be running life-preserving machine, this energy loss can potentially become a disaster.

If you wish to know anything more about how Capstone co and trigeneration microturbines can help you and your company, then get in touch today.