Demand for power and the security issue

Demand for power continues to climb across the globe, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), a fact that's largely unsurprising given the extent of worldwide population growth.

While many small businesses are likely going to pass these trends off as distant concerns, those organisations that assess the potential impact now will be in a better standing over the next few years. Global population growth is going to have a serious impact on a number of businesses.

With this in mind, it's going to become necessary for businesses across a range of industries to consider the benefits of onsite power solutions.

Power security in danger

According to the World Energy Outlook released by the IEA, global energy demand is set to grow 37 per cent by 2040. The organisation explained that our current global energy system, the one we rely on for manufacturing, food production, development and transport, is in danger of not being able to meet our future demand.

Thanks to growth in developing parts of the globe, the current free availability of power many people across the globe have access to could become a rarer site.

It only takes one look at a growing nation like China to see the beginnings of such a trend. The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) explained that it's currently the country with the largest population, which in turn means it's the largest consumer of energy. What's more, demand is increasing.

The country is one of the largest importers of oil and coal, bringing in crude and otherwise unrefined fuel sources in order to feed development.

Though occurring on a smaller scale, similar power concerns could become a factor for homes and businesses alike in other parts of the globe – including Australia.

Population Down Under

The Australian Bureau of Statistics explained that there are currently 24 million people living in the county, a milestone that was just recently achieved. Breaking down the growth, there's one birth every one minute and 44 seconds, and a net gain of one migration from overseas every two minutes and 39 seconds. Coupled with one death every three minutes and 24 seconds, this means the country increases by one person every one minute and 31 seconds.

It's not a stretch to imagine that further population growth will cause power needs to climb. While there is certainly an effort to move into reliable renewable energy sources, as research by organisations like Ipsos shows, the grid may run into operational issues. Storms and other severe weather events continuing to take out power lines and transformers certainly won't aid matters.

So what's the answer here? As noted at the beginning of the article, onsite power solutions offer one of the most effective means of ensuring power security for businesses.

The solutions available from Optimal Group, for example, make it easy to ensure a grid failure will pose little operational issue. For example, if a bushfire knocks out a transformer, the solution onsite takes over. Optimal Group offers Capstone Microturbine solutions that take up little floor space within a business, and can produce power even when the business is still receiving power from the grid. In effect, they're an excellent way to save on electricity spending.

To learn more about the growing necessity of reliable onsite power solutions, reach out to Optimal Group today. Reliable onsite power systems driven by Capstone microturbines are one of the best ways for businesses to ensure operations are never at risk.