A closer look at three Capstone microturbines

For organisations in nearly any industry, a robust power system is something that can add a much-needed layer of operational security.

What happens if a tropical cyclone ever knocks out part of the electricity grid, and a manufacturing business is left in the dark for hours or even days? On the other hand, what if a company needs to ensure a web server is always online so customers can use the organisation's e-commerce platform?

This is where microturbines come into play. They're power solutions designed with a focus on modularity, reliability and clean operation. This article will take a look at three different microturbine options.

1) C30 MicroTurbine

The C30 is designed to work using natural gas fuels, commonly available in Australia. Like other models, it features just one moving component – the turbine – in order to reduce the chance of failure. What's more, this single turbine means maintenance is far easier to perform.

For those wondering how it's lubricated, there's actually no need for oil or even coolant. A patented air bearing system is just another feature that helps to reduce the need for another form of maintenance.

Of course, this unit runs on natural gas, which may not always be a suitable option for every location. Thankfully, microturbines can be developed to use a number of different fuels.

2) CR30 MicroTurbine

Capstone has years of renewable experience, working hard to develop microturbines that have little impact on the environment. This means the CR30 is the perfect unit for those organisations looking to improve their environmental reputations and take advantage of renewable fuel sources.

As with the C30, this unit also features just one moving component as well as the patented air bearing technology. Of course, it's also reliable, with the units racking up tens of millions of running hours.

3) C200 MicroTurbine

Lastly, there's the C200. This unit is the world's largest microturbine with air-bearing technology. It's capable of producing a significant 200 kilowatts of clean energy. This unit is also able to operate in hazardous locations, thanks to the use of a stainless steel purged and pressurised exterior shell.

To learn more about why secure power is so important, along with the benefits of powerful microturbines, reach out to Optimal Group today to learn more.