3 reasons to get off the grid

The future of power is changing. The grid is no longer what it used to be, and the cracks of age plus wear and tear are beginning to show. Smart companies are choosing to get ahead of the curve and avoid potential disasters with a co or trigeneration Capstone Microturbine. We look at three reasons why your company should consider going off the grid.

1. Cost

Capstone Microturbines are a modular and scalable solution, which means that you are able to design the perfect electricity solution for the size of your project or business. With trigeneration, you're only paying for the the power it takes to run your microturbines, not the heating and cooling functions that it also produces.

The combined heat and power (CHP) will help your business reach your carbon emissions goals, while also reducing cost. Because of the modular nature of the microturbines, you can expand your system as your business grows. CHP works by using the heat generated by the microturbine to power a cooling process – this is cogeneration and trigeneration.

Going off the grid can have many positive benefits.Going off the grid can have many positive benefits.

2. Environmental concerns

Everyone wants to cut down on their CO2 emissions without reducing the productivity of their business, and this is why trigeneration is a great option for many businesses. An August 2015 report by The Warren Centre showed significant decrease in emissions from trigeneration microturbines, and a concrete reduction in carbon emissions when compared to the projected and real reductions of cogeneration microturbines.

CHP solutions allow your firm to produce electricity when you need it,  as opposed to relying on remote power stations. If your company is aiming to be complement with environmental best practises, then co or trigeneration is for you. 

Decaying and overworked electrical grids can be susceptible to cascading failure.

3. Reliability

The reliability of an electrical supply is always important for any business, but take for example a retirement home, or a doctor's surgery, which uses life-saving and maintaining equipment. In these situations it is essential at all times to have zero interruptions to the electricity supply, as a power cut can be at worst life threatening, and at the very least destabilising and costly.

Decaying and overworked electrical grids can be susceptible to cascading failure, which results in the total takedown of the entire system. This is because the electrical grid has a small average distance between each individual node. It's the distribution between the nodes and the systematised distribution of links per node that make the potential for cascading failure so high. 

Whether you are aiming to get off the grid completely, or are after an alternate electricity solution, get in touch today to learn more about how Capstone Microturbines can help you.