How remote businesses can benefit from co and trigeneration microturbines

Rural and regional Australian businesses have special operational requirements that are often very different from those based in urban areas. The setbacks can be many, from slower broadband speeds that hamper communications, to reduced access to education and training, which slows down recruitment and the up-skilling of staff.

But there are options for rural business – especially when it comes to reducing or eliminating reliance on the electricity grid. Some business are often located significant distances from secure energy – or at times are entirely outside of grid access. In this instance, combined heat and power (CHP) in the form of co and trigeneration microturbines can be a reliable way to provide energy.

The many trials and tribulations of running a business rurally can sometimes distract from the actual sales and production goals of the company. Rural business will therefore benefit from solutions that reduce their reliance on outside forces, and removing complete reliance on the grid is a great place to start as there are many benefits to be had.

Energy security

Energy security is a primary concern for many small- and medium-sized businesses. Co and trigeneration microturbines increase the security of energy supply, which means that there is less risk surrounding the running and maintenance of potentially vital machines.

CHP microturbines offer a reliable solution to unsecured grids, as a recent European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration (COGEN) energy security report confirmed, when micro-CHP systems were in place, they achieved grid energy savings of more than 25 per cent. In other words, high-efficiency solutions improve the security of the energy supply by improving the power grid stability. 

According to COGEN, CHP technology can drastically improve the stability of the grid when used at times of peak demand, and this can come directly to rural business in areas where there grid supply is wavering and infrequent. With grid dependency lessened, business are more open to expansion and innovation, unshackled by energy constraints.

Remote business often suffer from low energy security, can be vulnerable to black outs, intermittent grid issues or no grid accesses whatsoever.Remote business can often suffer from low energy security, which can reduce their capacity for growth.

Cost savings

Anyone who has travelled by car will have experienced the thermodynamic efficiency of a co and trigeneration, as a car is able to generate power, heat and cool air within one system. This is a cost-efficient way to produce three kinds of energy, and the same principal applies to trigeneration microturbines.

A summary paper titled 'What Happens When we Un-Plug?' by the Alternative Technology Association of Australia found that stand- alone power solutions, such as co and trigeneration microturbines, have the potential to help users preemptively avoid the risk surrounding substantial price restructuring from utilities.

This puts small and medium business owners in the drivers seat in terms of their capacity for growth, the reliability of their production rates, and greater accuracy of expected costs. 

Environmentally friendly

Reducing the amount of carbon emissions a rural business produces, especially in the case of farming, is a major directive. According to the Australian Dairy Industry's latest report in response to the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper, emissions mitigation is essential in order to maintain a healthy commitment environment – and is relevant to all industries, not just agriculture.

COGEN's recent statistics for European CHP use show combined heat and power reduces CO2 emissions by around 200 million tonnes per year – that's a significant positive impact on the environment. If you're looking for an environmentally sound backup for your rural business, then a co or trigeneration microturbine may be the answer you're looking for.

For more information on how a Capstone microturbine can help your rural business be more efficient, have greater energy security and operate with less carbon emissions, get in contact with Optimal Group today.