Award winning energy efficiency

Leading regional Victorian Electrical contractors Floyd Industries have received two separate awards for their outstanding Combined Heat and Power (CHP) project at the Wangaratta Indoor Sports and Aquatic Centre.

Earlier this year Robert Floyd and his team accepted the National Electrical and Communications Association’s (NECA) state award for best energy efficiency project, and followed up in November this year by taking out the National Award.

Robert Floyd and team accepting the NECA State Award earlier this year

Optimal CEO, Craig Dugan (far right), with Robert Floyd (Centre left), Sam Thorn (Centre) from BRT consulting and Alan Thrum (Rural City of Wangaratta)

Floyd Industries worked closely with the council to deliver a showcase energy efficiency project which combines great design, quality integration and installation with the modular and compact Capstone C65 Microturbine.

The Microturbine installed at Wangaratta facility provides up to 65 kW of electricity, while the on-board ICHP (integrated combined heat & power) module capable of providing up to 120 kW of hot water, significantly reducing the centres emissions, whilst delivering lower cost energy to the council. Optimal team members attended the facility in August to witness the official launch of the energy efficient combined heat and power system.

Optimal congratulates Robert Floyd and his team, who have delivered another high quality Capstone energy efficient project to the Australian Market.