3MW Capstone Power Upgrade for Leading Glasshouse

Optimal Group awarded contract for a 3 MW power upgrade at D’VineRipe’s 27 hectare glasshouse.

Optimal Group Australia Pty Ltd has been awarded a contract to supply three megawatts (3MW) of power generation with three C1000 (1 MW) Capstone Microturbines TM for D’VineRipe’s 27 hectare glasshouse at Two Wells in South Australia.


D’VineRipe, one of Australia’s largest producers of glasshouse tomatoes with a 27 hectare glasshouse located in Two Wells South Australia (40km North of Adelaide) has just awarded Optimal Group Australia the contract to supply 3 MW of Capstone C1000 Microturbines TM. The facility produces high quality vine ripened tomatoes for local markets. D’VineRipe is currently undertaking its 3rd expansion of the Two Wells site with the addition of a further 8.2 hectares of glasshouse.

With limited grid power available in Two Wells, the site is self-reliant, with its own 24/7 onsite power generation using reciprocating engines. As part of the current expansion D’VineRipe reviewed the performance of their existing generators and sought a solution which would both reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and deliver a more reliable power supply.

“This site is totally reliant on the power from our generators 24/7”, said Mr Byron Mason, Project Manager for D’VineRipe. “In addition, power demand in glasshouses is very dynamic in summer months and our electrical loads fluctuate rapidly due to cloud cover, wind and rain. Our existing gensets often struggled to respond to the power demand these weather induced fluctuations cause, requiring a mix of different engine types and sizes including some diesel units to meet our needs.

We were attracted to the Capstone MicroturbineTM technology with its ability to respond rapidly to load fluctuations due to its unique inverter based control system and on board battery pack. Working with Optimal we have developed a solution which will meet our expanded power needs, and provide us with a more flexible source of power. The three C1000’s will reduce our reliance on diesel, reduce our cost of power and reduce our CO2 emissions. The Capstone Microturbine TM solution will be the backbone of our future power needs,” added Mr. Mason

Mr. Craig Dugan, CEO of Optimal Group elaborated on the solution’s suitability adding, “Capstone Microturbines TM  offer outstanding flexibility for this application. We are delighted D’VineRipe has selected Capstone Microturbines for this contract. It’s a wonderful demonstration of the significant advantages Microturbines offer over conventional reciprocating generators. This site will be an excellent reference for potential customers in the resources area who often experience similar issues with load response.”

Due for commissioning in April 2015 the site will be the equal largest Capstone installation in Australia and brings the amount of installed Capstone generator capacity in Australia to 18 MW.

“Power security, low cost of power and reduced greenhouse gas emissions continue to be a major driver for our customers. The Capstone Microturbine TM provides Optimal with the ability to meet the needs of our customers in this challenging energy market,” added Mr. Dugan.





Established in 2006, D’VineRipe Pty Ltd is a joint venture alliance between fresh food marketing company Perfection Fresh Australia and diverse investment company The Victor Smorgon Group.


The Victor Smorgon Group is a diversified investment company founded in 1995 by Victor Smorgon and grandson Peter Edwards. A family business, the Victor Smorgon Group’s interests cover a broad range of industries including retail, agriculture, property, plastic recycling and investment.

Perfection Fresh Australia was established in 1978, by the same family which owns and manages it today. Perfection Fresh grows and markets approximately 70 specialist branded and general fruit and vegetable lines including Broccolini® baby broccoli, Royal Pom® pomegranates and Qukes® baby snacking cucumbers, to premier food retailers, processors and distributors Australia wide and internationally, go to www.perfection.com.au for information on our other product lines.

A comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy encompassing all aspects of the facility’s management underpins D’VineRipe’s objective to produce high volumes of consistently good quality fruit in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Stage 3 opens

Optimal Group Pty Ltd

Optimal Group is an Australian company delivering energy solutions to a range of industries. With a team of engineers boasting over 100 years combined experience in energy applications and tailored solutions to the oil & gas, manufacturing and services industries Optimal Group supply complete on site power generation solutions to our customers that are cleaner, cheaper and more reliable. Optimal Group Pty Ltd is the exclusive  Australian distributor of Capstone MicroturbinesTM.