Combined Heat & Power for Aged Care

Community owned not for profit association, Lynden Aged Care, places the first order in Australia with Optimal Group for a cogeneration microturbine system in an aged care facility.

Optimal Group Australia Pty Ltd, provider of innovative Capstone microturbine based cogeneration systems, announced today their first order for a cogeneration system for the aged care industry. The contract for Lynden Aged Care in Camberwell, Victoria comprises two Capstone C65 microturbines with integral heat recovery units.


The system will be installed on a rooftop platform at the newly renovated Lynden site and will operate as a combined heating and power application to significantly lower their emissions from power, increase energy efficiency and provide secure power when the grid is down. Scheduled for installation in April 2014, the units will provide 90% of Lynden’s power and the majority of their hot water for heating and domestic use using natural gas as the fuel source.

“This is a very significant time for us,” said Craig Dugan, Optimal’s CEO. “Since our Australian launch in June 2012 the opportunities for the company’s tailored cogeneration and trigeneration solutions have increased rapidly. Lynden represents a major opportunity for us to showcase the unique Capstone ultra-low green house gas and noise emission microturbines in aged care. The system delivers significant energy cost savings to Lynden at a time of spiraling utility costs. Moreover, Lynden will achieve this cost reduction with a major benefit of being able to meet their power needs even when the grid is down. Lynden effectively now has secure power, a unique and significant benefit to an a aged care facility.The final benefitis are a reduction by 45% in Lynden’s carbon emission from power and gas.The system is the equivalent of taking 222 passenger vehicles off the road annually,” added Mr.Dugan.

“Optimal offers a full life cycle solution to the cogeneration market. Capstone\’s patented air bearing technology and single moving part turbogenerator enables us to offer a full nine year Capstone Factory Protection Plan which provides the customer with fixed cost scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for nine year or 80,000 hours. This delivers long term certainty to our customers for their total cost of ownership.Lynden will be able to concentrate on what they do best – providing high quality care to their residents knowing they have reduced their long term energy costs and have a secure source of power,” concluded Mr Dugan.

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