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Optimal is the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific Partner for the award winning Capstone Microturbines. Our generators produce electricity that is cleaner and cheaper than the grid. Optimal’s combined power systems achieve maximum efficiency by using the waste heat created during power that is cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable than alternative sources.  

Capstones compact and clean microturbines produce ultra-low emission electricity when and where you need it. They allow seamless integration with renewable sources of energy or the grid. No grid? No problem! Inverter based power electronics provide simple plug and play flexibility, whether you are on the grid or not.
Ultra high efficiency and lower energy costs can be realised by the addition of optional heat recovery systems, designed to capture the heat generated during operation. This heat can supplement or avoid existing building or process heat requirements, reducing cost and emissions. Options include hot water, steam or even direct clean heat. This process in known as cogeneration, or combined heat & power (CHP).
Tri-generation, or combined cooling heat & power (CCHP) enables facilities to capture the heat generated during operation and convert to chilled water through absorption chilling. This chilled water can be used to supplement or avoid building/process cooling needs, which would have otherwise been provided by electric chillers, further reducing electricity consumption on site.
Including renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and battery systems - Optimal can deliver dispatchable Microgrids for customers on or off the grid. Our microgrid systems are designed to maximise reliability and utilisation of renewable systems by pairing the flexibility and response capability of microturbines.

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